Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Wild Plum Tree...

 The next day... Beautiful and sunny... I wandered off for a 
walk to explore this little village... This is the street that goes
along parallel with the beach... Some lovely houses, some full 
time homes others holiday homes. Patons Rock is at the end of a
road that goes nowhere else so it's a quiet hidden away
little sanctuary. I loved it and could live here if I
wanted to put feet on solid ground.

 At the end of the road and the end of the houses looking back.
On the left is another reserve and a track to the beach.

 Half way as I meandered along I saw this strange sight... 
Why would a tree on the edge of the beach be covered with a net?

 On closer inspection I saw why... Lots of little red sweet juicy
plums... There were several trees and obviously the locals
had covered one up to protect the plums from marauders 
like me and the birds and any opossums... Needless to say I 
feasted and filled my pockets... And went back the next day!

 I continued on through the reserve and found this walk-way
between the edge of the beach and the houses... Well maintained

And a pleasure to walk along chatting to more locals
as I went, most had lived there a long time and all
knew each other... And back to my bus for lunch... Plums?

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