Saturday, 20 December 2014

Parked at Patons Rock...

 I had done my usual Takaka town things on Wednesday and 
Thursday... Shopping, my two yoga classes and two visits to
the physio (for those of you who remember that I broke my leg now 
13 months ago I am still needing help towards the long recovery).
I spent one night  back at Waitapu Bridge then next morning decided
to go and explore Patons Rock for the day... It's only another
10km north of Takaka town. I was greeted by this sign...

 I parked in the lovely little reserve... Green grass...

 Trees, big tree trunks... My own BBQ table... Bliss.

 And just a few steps to this gorgeous beach.

 What a pity I was only here for the day!

 I set off for a walk and had only got as far as the 'No Overnight
Parking' sign and met Fran... She is a local character... Asked me who
I was, as obviously I was a stranger... Then invited me for a
cup of tea... She knows Jo and the cafe so that gave me some
credibility in her eyes! I met her husband Pat... They are real
'old timers' and so interesting.

 This is where they live with a wonderful garden. Fran is Canadian
of long ago, Pat a NZ'er, together they have lived in Golden
Bay for 52  years so who and what they don't know about
wasn't worthy of mention! I had a lovely cup of tea and
ginger muffins and was given permission to park overnight
in the reserve... If anybody questioned me... Refer them to Fran!

 So back to my bus I went... Gathered my towel, the latest NZMCA
mag which I had just received, a glass of wine and settled on the beach.

 My bus close by and a short track to the beach.

 I watched the changing landscape... A lone fisherman...

 As it began to get dark...

 We are nearly to the longest day on 21st December, sunset is 
not till 9pm then it takes an hour after that to get dark.

 The long slow dusk is one of the lovely things I enjoy about
being in the South Island.

And it was time to think about bed... And enjoy being here for
the night...And going for a walk
tomorrow as I didn't get to it today.

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  1. It is indeed a lovely place, I was there a few years ago but I can't get over the image of Pat standing there with bare feet and holding a chainsaw. He's an accident just waiting to happen...