Sunday, 21 December 2014

Fish Anyone?

My next visitor was another of the locals, who goes fishing a lot...
In his boat with a mate and also puts a net out. They came along
the beach on a quad to discuss the pro's and con's of fishing that day...
It was a bit windy and the sea rather choppy.
I got chatting, curious really, as to where they went
fishing and what they caught... They were equally
curious about me and my bus... And did I have any fish?
Well... No I didn't. I was thinking about fishing but
didn't know whether the fishing was good at Patons Rock
or whether I would just catch stingrays and sand sharks...
"We've got plenty of fish" was the response... "Just wait and
we'll be back". Well five minutes later... Fish! How much did I want?

 I looked in his bin...

 "I'll fillet  you some" was the offer... So of course
I didn't say no... Fresh fish, I hadn't had any for ages.
He was highly organised... The box you can see on the back
of the quad in the first photo got turned upside down and
became a filleting table... He was an expert at it...
A Kahawai?... "Want some Rig"? Why not... So it was all
filleted... Put in clean plastic bags and handed to me...
And off they went... To go fishing.

 I decided to smoke the Kahawai and eat it hot for lunch...
Bit of salt, some brown sugar... Yes I've got some Manuka sawdust.

 A good smoke up...

And fresh hot smoked Kawahai... Nothing quite like it. Yum!


  1. Fresh is best - as the saying goes.
    Enjoy reading your blogs - keep up the good work.
    Trust you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Cheers - Us2.