Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What To Do With Old NZ Telegraph Poles?

Do you remember this image of New Zealand?
All the wooden telegraph poles with the cross beams and
wires strung along and over the streets...

The beautiful old timber, usually Australian hardwood.
Although there was a lot of timber grown in New Zealand
most of it was soft native timber or semi hard so timber for
poles and railway sleepers was imported from Australia.

Today all these old poles have been replaced by underground wiring
and any poles there are, are concrete... So what happened to
all the old wooden poles?  Well they are lying around all over NZ
and if you can find some... All sorts of things can be made!

 A few were lurking in Takaka and Kris got his hands on some...
And with his great imagination and creativity... After he had finished
cooking up delectable food for the busy cafe for the day...
He started building...

 He measured, cut lengths and put what seemed like a jigsaw
puzzle lying on the ground together to make the most
amazing outdoor table and two very unique chairs.

 The last screws and stabilizing corner bits..

 And here's the finished end result...

 The chairs are giants chairs... The timber very unique...

 This one with an embellishment off an old car...

 It looks like something out of 'Alice in wonderland' you know...
Alice and the Mad Hatter and the Tea Party... It's all out of proportion
but absolutely beautiful and looks fantastic in the courtyard 
outside the cafe kitchen were we all sit during the day and
eat dinner in the evening sun..


  1. They look wonderful. The 'Classic' emblem is from an old caravan... made in Levin in the 1960's and 70's...

  2. What a great use for the cross arms from the poles. When I worked for the Post Office and a pole line was replaced the native wood poles were often donated to the one of the Maraes and use for carving practise etc. Often wondered what happened to the cross arms now I know.