Friday, 9 January 2015

A Few Days At Port Tarakohe...

 I moved from the cafe car park, it was getting busy and crowded,
hot and dusty. Three kilometers round the road
is Port Tarakohe with a freedom park  managed by the boat cub
 for a donation with hot showers for $2, toilets and a washing 
machine... And grass - that lovely green stuff to park on.
There was quite a commuity of motor homes and
buses and it was interesting to meet fellow travels
when I haven't really been 'on the road' for a while.
This area looks out over the Port Tarakohe wharves and
marina... It used to be Golden Bay Cement.

 This was my daily walk... Just to have a look...

 One of the amazing rock fomation tunnels between Pohara and Totoranui.

 In the marina is this old Jacques Cousteau pirate boat. The owner roasts
and sells coffee. It attracts quite a crowd.

 Bit of a rusty heap but still afloat and an interesting design
 with a very high bow. The coffee and experience are highly rated.

 Looking back to where I am parked...

 And then... A close encounter with one of the many Stingrays
that cruise around in the warm water near the shallow edges.

 It was a very peaceful place, far from the maddening crowd
to spend a few hot days.

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