Monday, 12 January 2015

In The Middle Of Nowhere... Toto's Pizza Cafe...

 From Wainui Falls we carried on round the dusty road 
towards Totoranui... Suddenly... In the middle of nowhere...
This sign... Cafe & Gallery. I had vaguely heard about it but 
hadn't taken much notice and here it was.

 We had a picnic with us so didn't want lunch but
decided we would  park and climb up the dusty
driveway to have a look in the gallery...

 Looking back... Wainui Bay in the background...

 Over the road from the car park this stunningRata.
I had just been learning about the Rata, endemic to
New Zealand, and this was a magnificent specimen,
bright red against all the green.
 The little cafe had a delightful garden. I thought this was
a wonderful and creative way to grow Sweetpeas...
Over a little bamboo wig-wam... It made a cute and natural
little play house for the children.

 There were people eating outside although it was 
 very hot in the sun. On the right of this photo is the whare
where coffee is made and a small selection of counter
food and cakes... And where the pizza's were made.
There is a shady area at the end and some wonderful
raised garden beds...With  thriving salad veges and herbs.
The gallery was a disappointment, nothing much in it..
If anybody local wanted to exhibit it would be a great place.

The outdoor earth pizza oven... Next time I pass I'll make
sure I'm hungry and stop and try one...
Although parking for my bus would be difficult.

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