Saturday, 24 January 2015

Walking to Collingwood!

 I had read somewhere that it is a 40 minute walk along the
beach from Milnthorpe to Collingwood... So off I went...

 Through the reserve wallk-way that started near where I was parked

 There is art hidden away amongst the trees. Golden
Bay is a favourite place for artists of all sorts and
Milnethorpe Reserve is very popular with carvers...

 These big trees with flaky bark on the trunks
 And high foliage... I think they are Kahikatea (White Pine) or
Miro (Brown Pine)...

 At the end of this part of the walkway are steps and this concrete
bridge with big pipes through it to let the tide in and out...
Of this corner of the inlet.

 Looking back to my bus across the outgoing tide...

 Following the channel as it empties out to the sea is this bank of
stones. Talking to a local man who was walking his dog, he told me
they were exposed in a huge storm nine months ago...
Before that it was a sandy bank...

 Some more of the locals, and there's not many people living in
this little place, had made a path for access to the beach...

 Looking north towards Collingwood... 40 minutes!... 
Mmmm... Looks a long way.

 A deserted beach... Beautiful stands of gum trees...

 Then suddenly, although it was very hot, it looked like rain
approaching... But it didn't come my way.

 I can't see Collingwood yet! I met a couple who had been this
way before... 40 minutes?... Oh no... 90 minutes each way!
So I changed my mind... Sometimes I'm very glad 
my mind is changeable! and had a little snooze in the hot sand
before heading back the way I had come.

 The tide had continued to go  out leaving vast amounts of sand...

 The sea just visible on the horizon.

And back the way I had come, over the stones, over the bridge,
through the bush walk and back to my bus.
I felt I had been on quite an expedition,
I think I'll drive next time...


  1. Hiya Angela, you have not been blogging.for a few days, I hope you are ok. We miss you.

  2. Hi Katherine, I'm all ok, thanks for asking. I've had friends staying i my tiny house bus space and been doing lots and going lots of places... Time to catch up with my blog posts today... It's raining!