Thursday, 22 January 2015

Milnthorpe Bush Reserve...

 Milnthorpe is a few kilometers south of Collingwood. The road into
it is quite an unnoticable gravel road signposted to the bush reserve.
I was here many years ago so knew about the old wharf and had been
told there was a space to park.

I investigated and found this little road which I carefully backed along
into a corner, leaving enough room for other cars but no more room for
over nighting - so I had the place to myself.
 It was a delightful spot...

 The sea on both sides...

 Just enough room to open my door and not fall in,

 Milnthorpe is on the edge of the Parapara Inlet, don't know how
big an area it covers but it's a reasonable size.. On the map you
will see Nelson street, the wharf is at the bottom of that on the
little bit that juts out into the inlet... At low tide the huge amount of
water all runs out and leaves a deep channel...

Behind me... The old wharf. It's now derelect, owned by the
crown and under the administration of DoC.

It's a favourite fishing spot but nothing was being caught
while I was there... I did have a fish but just caught seaweed.

The tide right out, the open sea in the far distance.
At this spot there is a five meter height difference between low
and high tides... So a lot of water movement.

Twice a day a massive amount of water rushes in and out
creating very strong currents.

The inlet filling up...

And full up...

On the other side of me the water came right up to the
side of the road...

And covered every available bit of land...
It was fascinating to watch.

In the still evenings the most beautiful gentle sunset...

And in the morning... A most beautiful Kotuku or
White Heron... Not too far from it's only nesting place
in New Zealand - Okarito on the West Coast of the South Island... 
It was sitting on top of  a pile on the old wharf...

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  1. What a shot of the Kotuku! I am envious!