Tuesday, 4 August 2015

97 Years Old... A Day To Celebrate...

 This is my Dad. I've shown you photos before
but last Friday he turned 97...

He had a great day surrounded by cards and presents
from his family who live all round the world.
The big balloon came from Court Florist in Christchurch.
The coffee from one of his grand daughters who has
Totally Roasted cafe at Pohara, Golden Bay and roasts
 coffee in Takaka. The bouquet is from Edible Blooms.
The 'blooms' are chocolates arranged round a bottle
of Steinlager - sent by a grandson who lives in Taipei.
Cards from Australia, New Zealand and America...
All made it a special day.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad Angela - great to see him still going strong! 97 not out!

    Robin and Jenny - Romany Rambler