Monday, 12 November 2012

The Adventures of a Haircut...

It's not that long since I last had my  hair cut but the friend
I was staying with in Christchuch
was making an appointment...
 So I decided I would have a trim.
I don't have a car so it was good to get a ride.
These photos are the end result.

We went to 'Clipjoint' in Addington... I have been there before.

I really liked this quip on the board outside...
I've been chuckling to myself and agreeing ever since.
Men... Take note!

This is Lyn... She has been cutting hair for a long time.

Next door is the 'Addington Coffee Company'. It withstood the earthquakes
despite being an old brick building...
And other buildings all around it falling down.
This is the back entrance and courtyard.
It's a very popular place... It has a roastery and good coffee and food
including delicious gluten free things.

On the way over to get 'coffee to go' while waiting for my appointment
I came across another quote on a blackboard...
I heartily agree... There's nothing like a bike to get around on.

Everywhere in Christchurch is dug up and being pulled down.
Addington is no exception... and it was another adventure.
Parking everywhere is at a premium...
We finally found a park after driving through the big pot holes...
Up Wise Street,  the side street off Lincoln Road that the hair salon is in...
Amidst the dust and machinery...
Over the road from these historic buildings.

These photos are what remains of Wood Bros. Flour Mills
built on this site in Wise Street and opened in 1891.
Wood Bros. Flour Mill was originally in what is now Antigua St, then named Windmill St because of the huge windmill Mr Wood brought from England to power his mill - that was in 1856.
It then shifted to Riccarton (where Christchurch Girl's High School now is) in 1889 to access the water from the Avon River where a huge water wheel was built to power the mill...
It then moved to Addington to be near the railway line... Read the fascinating history here.
These buildings survived the earthquakes and there are plans to restore them
as part of Christchurch's early history.
If you are interested look here

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