Saturday, 10 November 2012

Visiting My Dad... That's Why I'm In Christchurch...

I'm in Christchurch to visit my Dad.
He's 94 now... So time together is precious.
Today we got a taxi... He doesn't drive any more and has sold his car...
And went to Ballantynes.
We had lunch... The food and coffee is delicious.

We came to buy new clothes... For Dad... Not for me!
Ballantynes is marvellous. The service is 1st class... Nothing is a bother...
They lent us a wheelchair...
It's the easiest and least stressful way to get around...
When Dad's sitting down he can't fall over!
We had visited the men's department...
Bought new jumpers, trousers and the necessary under garments...
So sitting down for lunch was a welcome respite.
Then we wandered round the store...
It's beautiful and full of delicious things.
Then went for a walk in the mall so Dad could look at the 'container' shops
that I told you about yesterday.

This is where Dad lives... It's a wonderful retirement village.
He has lived here about 5 years.
As he has aged he is wonderfully looked after.
He lives in his own villa so is supposed to be independent...
He largely is... But has his laundry done...
And midday dinner in the dining room.
 The gardener looks after his tiny garden.
He has a little sunny courtyard to sit out in when it's warm enough.
The newspaper is delivered and so is  his shopping.

His villa is right at the gate...  It's a great spot as he sees all the
coming and goings...

Ryman's do a great job of providing for the elderly.
I don't want to live here... I prefer my bus at the beach...
But Dad loves it and he has a spare bedroom for me to come and stay.
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  1. Lovely photos of you two together.
    It's great that you can be there for him.
    I prefer my bus at the beach too.
    But I'm not 94.