Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bus... The L90... To Avalon

This is a beautiful area.
I am staying at Whale Beach, the other
side of the hill from Palm Beach...
All in the bigger area of Summer Bay...
Of Home and Away fame.

It's lovely walking round here, it's about half an hour
whichever way you go to the bus stop.
I decided to take a walk and get the bus to Avalon...
The next village and closest shops.

In places it's quite steep.
Amazingly, this whole area is zoned 'rural'.
The locals like it like this with no footpaths.
The roads are narrow and windy...
Lots of beautiful bush.

It was a hot day... As you can see from the blue sky.

To the top of the hill... Surf Road.

And down the other side.

Glimpses of the sea... This is the Pittwater Harbour side.

Nearly to the bottom.
All the trees make it lovely and shady for walking.

More Pittwater views...

The main road... Barrenjoey Road...
The bus stop.

Here's the bus... the L90...

About 10 minutes to Avalon.
There are some really nice shops here
and excellent cafes.
I chose one called 'Swell' to sit and have coffee.

As I went in I noticed this blackboard...
Mmm... I thought... Familiar writing!

I sat down to drink my coffee and saw this board...
More familiar writing...
Yes... Indeed it was... The handiwork of my daughter.
She does beautiful caligraphy, the cafes and
restaurants employ her to do their menu boards.
I went there another day with her,
there was a little note on her saucer...
New menu... New board required!
More work... And it's well paid.
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