Saturday, 6 April 2013

Earthquake Victims... Another 'People' Story...

This is Delyse Langhorn and Jorge Santos.
They live in this lovely property with beautiful views
over Governors Bay, Banks Peninsular.
Their property has been 'Red Zoned' because
of threatening rock falls all round the Port Hills.
They are amongst 132 affected residents in this area
who have challenged their land zoning and are still
waiting... For the Canterbury Earthquake
Recovery Authority (Cera) to made a decision.
Applications to challenge a zoning decision closed
in October 2012... And still they are waiting...
27 months after the February 27, 2011 earthquake.
Cera say the analysis review cannot be rushed!
Jorge says "all trust in Cera ia dead and gone"...
A Sumner resident, John Cook, whose home was also
red zoned, said he is "totally disillusioned" with the process.
These 132 residents have until August 31, 2013, to
accept or not the Government's payout offer,
which will  probably be as pathetic and unrealistic as the offer
of 50% of the rateable value, made to Richard & Rachel
(yesterday's post)...
The clock is ticking towards the August 31 deadline...
And they are still waiting for the re-zoning review results.
This leaves them currently in limbo...
And also in a predicament if they are not re-zoned...
With the pay out money not being enough to relocate to a similar
property and lifestyle...
Again... What would you do?

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