Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sydenham... The Colombo... Rising Out Of The Rubble

This is what part of Colombo Street in Sydenham looked
like after the devastating earthquakes...

This is what part of Colombo Street looked
like last time I was here...
November last year.
Shops in containers...
A cafe in a shed and empty lots.

Now... Over the road from the picture above...
'The Colombo' is emerging.
Before the quakes this mall was a shabby
non-event... I never went there.
Now it's an exciting place to eat and shop...
Some very good coffee and one of my favourite
fashion shops 'Annah Stretton'.
I'm hopeful that this is an indication of how creative
the 'new' Christchurch will be.


I went with a friend and we had seriously good coffee here.
I love the old restored table and mis-matched chairs.

Everything was fresh, tempting and delicious.

I browsed with great restraint...
Loved looking and bought nothing...

But I might have to go back!

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  1. While you're there, how about some people stories, those who were and still are affected by the quakes...