Thursday, 4 April 2013

Shopping With Dad...

This is my Dad... How old? Well he's 95...
Doing well don't  you think?
I'm staying with him in Christchurch.
Whenever I am here we have a clean out and a clean up...
And go shopping which he can't do by himself.
We went to Riccarton Mall... Everything we wanted is there.
We had coffee then did some shopping.
It's amazing how long it takes pushing a wheel chair.
We had quite a list...
We went to Briscoes and bought a new teapot...
After looking in three other shops we went back and
bought a new duvet cover for his bed.
We had lunch in the food hall... His eyes were bigger
than his tummy and we took some of it home!
He comes for the era of the 1930's depression then
World War II... So we don't waste anything.
He wanted new winter shirts and pyjamas...
We eventually found some he liked and that fitted
in Farmers... Great shop.
Then it was new shoes... So we found some in Hannah's.
Last stop was Pak 'N Save... A few groceries
and we were fully laden... As you can see.

Waiting for a taxi home. It was 5pm...
Where did the day go?
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  1. How nice to be able to spend some time with your dear old Dad. What a lovely smile he has, and he looks great for 95!!

  2. You are amazing Angela.....what with the time you have spent caring for your Dad and then helping so much with the packing , cleaning, washing more cleaning more washing more packing at my house you will need a long holiday by the beach!! You have a very very generous heart....thank you so much. x