Friday, 19 April 2013

Weekend In Port Stephens

Last weekend I went to visit some friends
who live at Lemon Tree Passage
in Port Stephens.
I got the faithful L90 from Palm Beach
to Central Station...

Then  another bus that left from Bay 14 along this walkway
To a place called Salt Ash, which was the nearest
stop to where my friends live.
It's not far on the map to Port Sephens...
But the bus took nearly 3 hours.

I stayed here... In this little cabin at the Koala Shores
camping ground. It was very nice, lots of trees
and beautifully maintained.

This was the sunrise out my window - with a screen on!

The wharf where I managed to get connection
to make phone calls.

There was a cafe with excellent coffee but no food
but one day there was fresh banana & raspberry cake.
It was yummy.

The pool was tempting... But too cold.

One of the interesting things
was the green matting on the grass.
Vehicles parked so it became their outdoor space.
There were big drains set into the grass...
Must be for when there is heavy rain.

The weather was beautiful which made my stay very pleasant.

The other interesting thing... Most people travel in
caravans. I saw very few motor homes.
There were a few very small rented vans
and no house buses...
Certainly not old ones like mine.

These are Ibis... That wandered the area.

At the edge of the camp ground is Tilligerry Creek.
It's a very wide 'creek', quite tidal and
where there are a lot of oyster farms.
More about those tomorrow.

There is a board walk that goes a long way round the shore
or at low tide can walk around the sand.

Lots of boats of various sizes moored...

Lovely homes amongst the trees...

And dinghy's to go fishing.
I really enjoyed my stay there.

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  1. We've noticed, too, when we've been travelling around Oz, that caravans are much more popular than buses and motorhomes, with the exception of the rentals. Not such a hilly terrain to contend with over there.