Monday, 1 April 2013

Sumner... And The Earthquakes... Two Years On

As we drove to Sumner I had to stop and take photos.
I was shocked at seeing all this damage...
Still the same as when I drove this way two years ago.
Houses abandoned, precariously balanced on the
edge of the cliff where massive amounts of this
Redcliffs hill has fallen away.

Another big quake and they would all come down.
People are still living in the nearby houses...
Despite neighbouring houses being swallowed up and people
killed by falling rocks in the quakes two years ago.
I don't think I could.

Just before the quakes happen the ground deep underneath rumbles.
Everybody has such a hair trigger startle response.
I wasn't here but any rumble... A truck going by...
Ranch slider doors opening or shutting...
It's awful... Is it the next quake.

Containers line some streets... To try and stop any falling rocks
hitting passing cars or people.

This used to be quite an elite suburb...

Not any more.

Another street...
Danger cones indicating... Don't go here.
But I did...

This house was partly buried by the falling hillside.

I can't imagine what it must have been like...
Running for their lives.

The over grown drive leading to the empty house behind.
I walked up to the gate...

This was somebodys home and dream and life.
The abandoned pot plants are still there...
As  is everything in the house, or what I could see through the windows.
Knitting, a rug on the couch...
All just left... And overgrown.

Now a desolate spot in the sun.
The force of nature is so powerful.

More 'Danger Keep Out' sign across yet another
abandoned house and driveway.

This driveway led to a rest home... Now empty.
In between these properties are other houses being lived in...
I suppose because they are liveable...
And if people have mortgages and the insurance
companies and the earthquake commission
won't pay out... What are their options.
It's tragic.

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