Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hop Skip And A Jump... Into My Bus...

The day had come... I was determined to get into my  bus.
As you saw in previous photos it is parked just outside the
fence... Where I can see it but didn't quite have the energy
to get into it...

Here I come along the lawn... Parked my wheels and crutches...

And hopped in... It felt so good after a whole
four weeks. I left it to go fishing, no idea of course
 that I wouldn't be back in a couple of hours... With
a bucket full of fish for dinner!
Instead my friends in Little Waihi looked after it, finished
my half done laundry, emptied out the fridge and after two
weeks when I was ready to leave hospital, packed it
up and drove it to Tauranga.
From there my friend Leonie drove it to Rotorua.
Now my friend Mel, visiting from Christchurch, is making
it her home. She loves it but can't drive it.
Now I'm in it again. With my crutches I could hop
around everywhere,  get a few things I wanted, put
a few things away and leave the rest till next time...
More friends came to visit, one with a heavy traffic
license so he took me and my bus for a drive around
the lake.  Another week and it's back to the
hospital for yet another x-ray and hopefully I can
start walking on my leg again... I think I will have to
try out the driver's seat again!

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  1. Wonderful! Congratulations. I'll look forward to seeing you on the road again soon...

  2. Good to hear you are hopping about and on the road to recovery. We have been thinking about you, and hearing your news from Harvey. Go girl. Colleen & Arthur

    1. Hi Colleen. Great to hear from you. I'm champing at the bit... As the saying goes...To be back on the road again. I miss being out and about and all the motor home and bus community out there.