Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Spot The Difference...

This is me today... Can you spot the difference?
Yes?... No?... Not sure?...
Well then I'll tell you... For those people who have been
following my progress since my accident.
No crutches... That's what's different!
Well not in this photo anyway.
Thursday last week I went back to the hospital
for my 6 week checkup. I can now start walking
again... 1/4 of my weight and increasing each week
so by week 4 I will be fully walking again.
Math has never been my strong point so it's
hard to work out how much a 1/4 is!
But I'm taking care and progressing fast.
Also started with the Osteopath and massage
and exercises are helping a lot.
My last two wounds are healing and
my leg is looking more and more like
a leg and a  knee... Hurray!

This is my tomato plant - or four plants
in one pot actually. It has survived being
abandoned by me and being looked after by
other people who have done a great job of
talking to it and watering it... It's nearly
as tall as me!

It's covered in flowers and tomatoes...

And I have eaten the first ripe ones... Delicious.

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  1. That's a delicious looking tomato tree. Mine's not looking as good as that as it's been getting too much sea air but the little cherry tomatoes are b e a u t i f u l...

  2. The leg progress is very good news! Good on you... You've been an exemplary patient.