Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year... 2014

Happy New Year for 2014... From me to you...

New Zealand... Was the first country in the world to welcome in 2014.
This is the spectacular fireworks display from Auckland's Sky Tower.
Thousands of revellers cheered and danced as multi coloured
fireworks exploded across the skyline at midnight on Tuesday...

Australia... In Sydney1.6 million revellers lined the harbour view points  for
a fireworks display that was promised to be more
extravagant than ever...

Dubai... Aimed to create the world's largest fireworks show to
ring in 2014. Their six minute extravaganza included 500,000
fireworks. The Guinness World Record officials were on hand
to measure the scale of the event...

China... Counted down to the new year with light shows
at two spectacular and historical locations - part of the
Great Wall near Beijing and at the Bund waterfront
near Shanghai...

Japan... Thousands of people, many donning kimono, prayed
rang bells and tossed coins as offerings at shrines, wishing for
health, wealth and happiness. Temple bells rang the customary
108 times, for the 108 causes of suffering according to
Buddhism, and welcomed in the Year of  the Horse...

Hong Kong... Tens of thousands watched the fireworks display
over the southern Chinese city's famed Victoria Harbour.
Pyrotechnics were fired off near the Kowloon Peninsular
and the tops of seven skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island.
A British colonial-era cannon was fired at midnight in a
tradition dating from the end  of WWII...

Indonesia... Celebrations were widespread except in the
city of Banda Aceh where Islamic clerics prohibit Muslims
from celebrating New Year's Eve.
In Jakata 92,000 policemen safeguarded 2 million
people who took part in street parties in 162 locations...

Philippines... There was a darker side to the festivities. More
than 260 people were injured by fire cracker blasts and pre-celebratory
gunfire. Many more injuries occurred when Filipino's ignited
powerful firecrackers for New Years Eve celebrations, one of Asia's
most violent revelries, and to end a year marked by tragic disasters.

What did you do? Where were you?

Me!... After my usual showering ritual, with help still!
I got my own breakfast and flask of hot green tea...
Then a visit from the District Nurse... My leg is doing
really well. Dressings on only two leg wounds now and
a pressure dressing on my shin to keep the new skin flat.
Chats to a few friends and my Dad... Lunch then
my weekly massage was next... That wipes me out!
A cup of tea in the sun, dinner, a good book
in bed and I was asleep well before midnight.

I wonder what this new year will bring. The
usual ups and down of life, the challenges...
But for me the current challenge is to get walking again 
and back into my bus and back on the road... 
Can't wait.
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