Sunday, 26 January 2014

I'm Back On The Road... Lake Rotorua

 The day had finally arrived. I decided I needed to pluck up courage
get in my driver's seat, try driving and get back into
the lifestyle I love so much. So off I went, down the road
to the local shops first then to park at Hamurana Reserve
on the edge of Lake Rotorua for the night. I managed
driving ok... My knee doesn't fully bend yet but it was enough!

 Parked beside the lake. Wow! what a treat after
being confined and immobile for so long.
It was just divine... The sun, the grass under
my feet, ducks and lapping water.

 My tomato is in the sun... My chair is out... The
wine is poured... Freedom!

 The view from my door... Over the lake to
Rotorua city in the distance.

 Beautiful trees...

 And the golf course behind me.My first night back on 
the road and looking forward to more adventures
and meeting up with friends, known and some not met yet!


  1. Welcome back to life on the road again - that's the life for you!!