Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Google Technical Glitches Continue...

The initial five days of Google, Blogger and the 'Blog This' button malfunction was finally fixed. It lasted for two days and the problem has occurred again. It's continued for days. I'm really amazed that the Google giant with presumably some of the best global internet and communication technology and people at their fingertips cannot seem to satisfactorily fix this issue. It must affect millions of Blogging people round the world... Unless of course they are cleverer than me and have found another way to publish photos.
Anyway that's enough grizzles from me. This really is to say "Hi" and tell you that all is well with me. I have moved back to live in my bus, still parked on the berm outside my friend's home in Rotorua as I don't feel ready to attempt to drive it yet. The wounds on my leg continue to heal well, my knee presumably continues to heal - I can't see inside it!- I am walking on it a little more each day. One more week to go and I will be fully weight bearing and walking, two more weeks and I can stop using the leg brace. I do lots of leg strengthening exercises to be able to use the clutch and drive again.
I have managed to climb on my steps and weed and trim my plants on the back of my bus... Bought some new parsley plants. Lots of rain in the last two days so they will soon grow again. My tomato plant is looking happy. I read, watch movies, talk on the phone, have written a Christmas/New Year newsletter... And the days pass by. I can now walk round the supermarket to do my shopping, need a ride there of course! I did that yesterday and got taken out for coffee to 'Be Rude Not To Cafe'. The best selection of gluten free, dairy free, etc food I have seen. If you are in Rotorua do find it, it's worth a visit.
Every day I challenge myself to be thankful and grateful... That I am alive, that I still have my left leg, that I have so many caring friends...
Well that's me for today... More as soon as Google is up and running again.

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