Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Moving On Again... 1st Stop... McKee Reserve

It was finally time to move on from Nelson. 
 My friend who had been sharing my bus with 
me went home to Christchurch, I packed up 
and headed further north... My next destination 
Pohara Beach 10 km east from Takaka.
 I have family living there, my oldest daughter
and her family. They have lived in this area
for about 27 years so I have come this way
often but not in my bus before.
On the way I had to stop at one of my favourite
places - McKee Reserve. It used to be on the main
highway but not anymore, likewise Mapua and
the delicious smoked fish. A new fast road has been
built that means you have to turn off and make these
two places a special visit.

I have been stopping here for as long as I have  been
coming to Golden Bay. It has lots of 'grandchildren'
memories of playing, swimming and collecting stones.

As well as a picnic place it is a camping ground with
lots of trees and parking, toilets, cold water and showers.
I love the beach... And
the distant views... The tide is out.
Nelson in the distance nestled into the foothills.
It's a stony beach... Rocks and driftwood.
Looking north...
I wandered along the beach in both directions...

Looking for coloured stones among the many
that were washed up by the tide and all 
along the beach.

These are the few that I kept... Quite an array of
beautiful colours. I spray stones and
shells I want to keep with a spray can of polyurethane.

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