Monday, 10 March 2014

'World Of Wearablearts'


While I was in Nelson I went to the original home of
'WOW" - 'World Of Wearableart'. The annual event
has relocated to a larger venue in Wellington
but in Nelson there is still a cafe, shop, a small display
of art and a museum of 'Collectable Cars'

 At the entrance is this amazing car...
From another elegant era of life.
 I don't know what make of car it is but some car
enthusiast who reads this might know.

 Two of the fantasy wearable
costumes from the children's
section were on display.
This one is 'Dahlia Paraphernalia'
made from satin and rhinestones.

This one is 'Ballet Chevaux -
Reinterpret The Tutu'.
It's made from wood, plastic, 
ceramic, satin and LED's.
It gained 3rd place in 2013.

 Some of the art on display along the
access way to the museum. 
I really liked this one, the
 slightly abstract style and the
bright colours.

 I also liked these two.
Creative circles within circles.

And squares within squares...
  Bright and bold...

 I was intrigued by the simplicity of this
painting... A few lines and colours
and a story has been told.

 Even outside in the carpark was some clever art...
On the outside of a long trailer...

And this was on the front of the trailer...
Looking very real and ready to drive out!

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