Saturday, 15 March 2014

To Market... To Market... In Nelson

 I love going to local markets where there is all sorts 
of fresh produce and unexpected treasures.
The market in Nelson is exceptional. It has existed
for many years and grown over the years with
established craft stalls and changing seasonal stalls.

I went reasonably early in the morning to find it already
crowded. Stalls bursting with all sorts of things and
the coffee stalls humming and smelling divine.

The photo above is what I went home with...

 These licorice allsorts were an interesting find...
Edible? No, not at all. They are little blocks of
natural home-made soap.

 This Beech Honeydew is delicious... And quite differently
made from regular 'clover' or 'manuka' honey.
Little insects that inhabit the Beech tree bark product
sticky sap that hangs in fine threads from the trunks.
The bees come along and gather it and turn it 
into edible sweet honey.

Another unexpected find was two men
selling alcohol of various sorts. They were
very willing to give samples - in each hand -
of what they made. I discovered they 
have their distillery and business- Te Kiwi
 in Takaka down a little lane behind the 
Wholemeal Cafe. As Takaka is my next 
destination, when I have finished this bottle 
of Gin I succumbed to, I think I will be 
paying them a visit. Do look at their web site
linked above and if you are in the area 
calling in is a must.
Here is my rope of plaited garlic. It's found a home
among my wine glasses... Handy to where I cook
so I can use it often. I've just made roasted
pumpkin soup and a whole small bulb found its
way into the pot... Yum!
Another treat is this Waihopai
Extra Virgin olive oil... You know
the 'real' stuff. Made from Frantoio
and Leccino olives in the Waihopai Valley, 
Marlborough, It even has a batch number
and date pressed on the bottle.
Yummy for dipping with bread and Dukah.

Tomatoes, grapes, lemons, pums made up the
rest of my shopping, all fresh, spray free
and delicious.

Next blog post - recipes for what I did with the
 Abergine and the Pumpkin soup - with
a difference... If I haven't drunk too much gin!

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