Thursday, 27 March 2014

Parked In A Cafe Carpark...

Here I am... Safely over the Takaka Hill and
parked in a cafe carpark at Pohara Beach.
My daugher and family live here and run the
cafe... So it's home away from home!
A carpark is an interesting place to be parked. 
I'm tucked over one side which is the back
entrance to the kitchen.
I have my rebounder and table and chairs... 
That's RummyKub on the table. I'm waiting 
for my grandson to come and play with me... 
He's good at winning!
This is my other companion - Arlie the dog. I don't
really like dogs but this one's alright. I have been
chopping up firewood, the nights and early mornings
are cool enough to indulge in lighting my  Little Cracker.
The cafe opens at nine every morning and the car
park doesn't take long to fill up and I meet all
sorts of people... who want to buy allsorts and
licorice, so I now have some for sale...
More about that...
It's not far for me to walk for the best coffee
in Golden Bay. My daughter is the coffee roaster
her partner is the chef. Hot fresh  muffins to go
with the freshly roasted and brewed coffee...
Call in some time soon.
The cafe garden... Very children friendly...
And sunny corners... There is a wedding
here this weekend so as well as a cafe it's a
destination wedding venue.

Across the road from the car park and down this
short road and I'm at the beach... It's divine and
I have found where the cockles live.

This is the road back to town... Takaka 10km's

The cafe sign, the rural delivery letter box...
And the hitching sign and seat. Some enterprising
individual has put seats in various places and a 'thumbs
up' sign. These are places where people will stop
and give you a ride to town... Or further.
I'm going to try it!  

The other side of my bus are lovely rural farm
view out my windows. 

The cows in the distance come right up to the
fence close to my windows... Curious creatures!

Down the end of the paddock is a developing new
subdivision. The developer wants to build on the
whole paddock but there is insufficient drainage.
The houses that have been built and the altered
and inadequate drainage was a huge contributor 
to the massive and destructive floods 
here two years ago. The cafe gardens and deck were
underwater and more water flowing through the cafe.

One of the many Pukeko's that come close and
peck around in the swampy paddock.

So this is my home for a while. It's nice being
here with my family and for those who have been
following the progress of my leg since my accident,
I am going regularly to physio and for long walks on the 
beach so will probably stay here until my ACC alloted 
physio appointments run out. It's a great place
to park so no complaints from me. 

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