Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Angela's Skin Food - Yummy Cream...

 Here's my latest attempt at making my own
body lotions and things that only have organic
and non-toxic ingredients in them.
This time I wanted to make something creamy
that absorbed well into my skin. My previous
attempts here and here although very nourishing for 
my dry skin have been quite oily. Ages ago I picked a
 lot of Calendula Marigold petals and have had
them steeping in almond oil for a few weeks 
so I wanted to use them. I get all my ingredients 
from Go Native... It's a very interesting and
informative web site. I order on-line, they have 
recipies, equipment and jars.. I'm about to buy
a thermometer so I don't have to guess the
temperature of what I'm making any more!

Here is my end result... In my little glass jars
that I have collected. The lovely pale orange colour
is from the Calendular petals... It's very healing...
It's a lovely soft creamy consistency that absorbs
immediately and leaves no oil residue.

The Recipe
Organic Hemp Seed Oil Cream

Oil Phase:
10g emulsifier O
15g Hemp Seed Oil (I used calendula infused almond oil)
6g shea butter

Water Phase:
90g water (I used rose water)
5g aloe vera

Last Phase:
5 drops essential oil (I used rose geranium)
2g Geogard (a preservative)

Separately heat oil and water phases to 65 deg.
Combine and whisk with bender stick till
cool. Add last phase and blend.
Spoon into jars.

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