Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rain... And More Rain...

 We have had days and days of rain.Today has been the worst
with wind gusts up to 110km and torrential horizontal rain.
Later tonight thunderstorms are forecast and more rain tomorrow.
In the paddock beside my bus numerous trees have blown over
and water is overtaking the grass.

I walked on the beach this afternoon during a lull, or so I thought!
I had to lean into the wind not to be blown backwards.

Trees down means power cuts and we have been without power
most of the day. In my bus I have solar power so lights and
internet access and my fire is going... the advantaages
of being off-grid!

These are a few photos I took... the beach is deserted...
The hills shrouded in cloud and mist.
 West... North... And East...

 The tide is out.

 Can't see the hills at all...

 Or the Farewell sand spit.

 I got back to my bus totally soaked but wonderfully invigorated...

Off to bed now to listen to rain squalls on the roof.

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