Wednesday, 2 April 2014

This is the 'Pohara Ladies Talking Group'. They all live round 
about and meet at Totally Roasted Cafe on the first Monday 
of each month... And talk. I was invited... I had only been 
parked here a few days and thought it would be a great 
opportunity to meet some local people. It was a fun but 
ordered group... They caught up with each other 
and drank coffee of course... 

There was no agenda but somebody 'chaired' the morning. 
This particular day the talk was about the Tasman District Council... 
The marina at Tarakohe and how Talleys want to make it
 into a commercial wharf...The leasehold land on the waterfront 
at Ligar Bay, the leases are not being renewed so all the
cutest little baches have to be pulled down or removed... 
The major floods that were here two years ago, the 
massive amount of damage that was done and what is the 
council doing about better drainage. 

Top of the list was the new community hall and swimming pool 
that has been promised but now put backwards onto the 
ten year plan. There is a local uproar about this... 
These ladies are very effective... They get together, talk and 
discuss, then write letters and stir things up... And get results. 
I was impressed and learnt a lot about what is happening in the area.

I was welcomed into the group and invited them to visit me in my bus
any time as they were intrigued by the different lifestyle I live. 
So some have and I  have been invited out for lunch, asked to go biking,
asked to pay tennis, offered rides into town...
And next week the group meets again.

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  1. Sounds great - a community action group which gets results. Lovely that they have taken you under their collective wings.