Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Stunning Pohara Sunsets...

 Most nights we are treated to the most amazing
and colorful sunsets. I love them and could rave
for a long time. I imagine God with His paintbrush...
What shall I paint for them tonight?
From the palest yellows and golds...

 To fiery reds that contrast with the black clouds
and silhouette the flax bush...
And light up everything around, including my bus.
 One evening I wandered down to the beach. I
got talking to a young couple who where here
to rock climb. The invited me to sit with them
and we drank hot peppermint tea as it got dark.
A really delightful little interlude.
On the way home I took these photos...

 A gentle soft sunset... Looking to the west
across Pohara Beach at low tide...
What a way to end another day in paradise.

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