Monday, 13 October 2014

And... On Through The Storm To Kaikoura...

 It blew up during the night. The wind blew down branches
and howled through the big trees and the power lines. 
I stayed parked at Parnassus till mid-day, then got 
bored and thought I would brave the weather and drive slowly 
and carefully on to Kaikoura.
I didn't know till the next day that big trucks were
being blown off the road on the Rimutuka Road just north
of Wellington... Oh well ignorance is bliss - sometimes!

 This is where I stopped on the side of the road to have
lunch... I love this part of the coast of New Zealand...
It's one of my favourite places. I could spend hours watching
the water in all weathers.

 The familiar road tunnels... I have been travelling on
this road since a small child and I never fail to toot
the horn as I drive through! 

 Brighter sky on the horizon?

 And the 2nd lot of tunnels... they are so narrow and low but I think
if the big freight and transport trucks can get through unscathed...
So can I.
 The writhing sea and huge kelp that grows around
this coast...

 Yet another sharp bend in the road...

 South Bay in the distance... My destination...

Waves... And the wind blowing spume off the top of the waves...
I love it... But it was very windy and I was glad to be parked
for the night... At the NZMCA Park at the end of the
Kaikoura Race Course.

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  1. I think you are right. The coast road around Kaikoura is most senic. Last year we spent an hour watching a pod of dolphins going past. They seemed to be having a play as they went what with leaping into the air and sommersulting and similar antics.