Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Have You Missed Me?

Life has been rather chaotic lately. My last post was about me enjoying Kaikoura. I did make it to Pohara... I did stop and do things on the way... I will come back to all that. I had been in Pohara for five days when I had a phone call to tell me my father had had a nasty accident and was in hospital. It was such a lovely morning on the beach, walking in the sun to the dairy to buy a newspaper... When a phone call shattered my day. So I abandoned my bus, packed a bag and was on my way to Christchurch. Dad had a fall, fell on top of his walker and impaled his leg on the brake lever. The ambulance, the fire brigade to cut him free, surgery and stitches... I've been here a week and am flying back to Nelson then Pohara tomorrow.

I've missed my blog and chatting on it but I will be back. I have also bought myself an iPad... A whole new learning curve. I played with my new toy so much I used up all my month's data. Luckily I bought a WiFi and cellular iPad so now it has it's own data. This is my first post using it... Rather frustrating until I learn how to do it.

But... I'm ok... Dad's ok... And here's a photo of him to prove it... Although the nasty gash on his leg is covered up by his trousers. He's 96... A tough old guy and still smiling. 


  1. Angela..I'm so glad to know that your dad is on the way to a speedy recovery. And don't forget to take good care of you too! xo Rae