Saturday, 11 October 2014

Christchurch... Still Demolition City

 I spent one night parked in the city... Antigua Street, between
Moorhouse Ave and Oxford Tce... For those who know this city.
It's not quite the CBD, but near enough. I needed to get
my new but malfunctioning fridge looked at... Again!
The refrigeration place has no off-street parking and as this
area of town is an all day free parking area... I had to go and
park the night before... It was an interesting night!
This is the early morning after being woken up at 4.30am with
rubbish trucks and dumpsters being emptied or delivered.
The sun is rising in the east but it was very cold and my fire is going.

 I braved the cold to take these photos... Right outside my window...
It was so desolate... Buildings still being demolished...
Leaving bare gravel lots...

 And the resulting dust... And nothing...

 The other side of the road, more demolition and
empty lots and dust...

 And piles of rubble... Twisted and bent metal, huge lumps of
concrete and pipes and steel...

 A truck loaded up the dumpster...

 Winched it on...

And took away another load to... Well I don't know where or
what all this rubbish and fill is being used for.
I felt very sad as all the buildings in this whole block, for
several streets in each direction,
are going to be demolished...  none of them are safe.
What next... Well a friend recently told me that the
market and economy will drive the re-build...
But I wonder when,how and what.

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