Thursday, 9 October 2014

My Treasures From Tully House...

 This beautiful quilt was jumbled up on a table on the veranda...
The minute I saw it I knew it was for me... Just right for my bus...

 Red underneath... which is my favourite colour. My old quilt
was developing holes and badly faded... So now my bedroom
corner it looking bright and cheery again. Ted & Dolly love 
spending time there... so do I!

 Then I found this woollen blanket... Bright purple... I didn't
think so... But the friend I was in Akaroa with who designs
and makes stunning patchwork quilts thought it would be perfect...

 So here it is... I love it... And another colourful corner
on my couch to cuddle into when it's cold and the
fire is going.

 This book was my last purchase. A friend lent me this
book when I first got my bus and I used the colours in it
to choose my quilt and cushions. I have been keeping an
eye out for my own copy... Now I have one.
Everything was drastically marked down in price...
That's how I justified buying them!
 Some pages in the book have the most spectacular colours.

I have deviated away from it a bit now and added purple
and red and my current project is some pictures in
coloured frames... Will show you those when they are finished.
I love bright clear primary colours... They have a happy influence on me.

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  1. Your lovely quilt purchase looks right at home in your bus!