Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Best Fritters Ever...

I found this fritter recipe on Facebook. You would think that
fritters are mostly all the same... Something in a batter...
But not these ones. They were delicious, tasty, light and
fluffy. I served them with bacon, avocado and relish...
For breakfast! but equally as good and filling
for lunch or dinner.
Here's the recipe... For one/two people...
Grate one courgette onto a double layer of paper towel.
Squeeze out excess liquid. Put into bowl.
Add two rounded tablespoons ground nuts... I
used hazelnuts because I had some in my fridge.
I think the recipe I found used ground almond meal.
Break in one or two eggs and mix together.
Can add a little chopped red onion, chopped parsley
and some chilli flakes...
Cook in spoonfuls in oil, I used Coconut oil.
Because they cooked quickly the grated 
courgette was still crunchy... Delicious.

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