Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Poem About... Me!

I've been parked with some friends in Rangiora, North Canterbury.
We have each had lots of stories to tell and laughs to share as
we catch up. They are fascinated by my old Bedford bus, 
me, and my current chosen lifestyle.
Carolyn wrote me a poem... Which she had put in a glowing
red frame... It's sitting on top of my fridge with some of
 my books... It makes me laugh!

There is an old lady who lives in a bus
What a fuss to live in a bus
It is cosy inside with patchwork and pillows
Bright color cushions, the smell of wood willows.

A tiny wee stove that warms her feet
Boils her soup, Oh what a treat
A very small bathroom with a composting lu
A bedroom so gorgeous, A room with a view.

Once when away "Brat" rat came to stay
Oh dear what a mess so rat had to pay
Started the engine and knocked him flat
Poor "Brat" rat never came back.

Outside a locker, a table and herbs
It sure looks inviting and quite superb
She thought of a name, now let me see
"Licorice Allsorts"  Wow! That will do me.

So off she drives, from North Cape to Bluff
Just loves her freedom but that's not enough
Makes lots of friends on her far and wide travels
On tar seal and roads that have bumps
and rough gravels.

"So lovely to meet you" her friends like to say
Be safe on your travels, We'll catch up one day
 "Where to now"?  says Sir Bedford to Angie
Oh what a life, God bless you dear lady.


  1. "There is an old lady who lives in a bus etc etc". What a wonderful friend to write such a great poem especially for you!

    Robin and Jenny _ Romany Rambler

  2. Hi Angela, You have not blogged for a while, hope you are ok miss your blogs. Take care. Regards, Katherine