Friday, 14 August 2015

My Little Cracker Gets A Rain Hat!

This is where I've been today. In anticipation of some rain when
I go exploring to the West Coast, I decided to put a rain hat
on the top of my chimney... I went early as I couldn't light
my fire or the chimney would be hot! 
And it was a cold frosty morning.

As I was in the vicinity, on my way to Christchurch, again, I
went to visit Bert himself...

Up the ladder..

The cone taken off the top of the flue and the rain hat fitted... 
It swings with the wind so will always have it's back to the 
prevailing wind and rain...

A few other adjustments made to the fitting of the cone on top to 
allow more ventilation as my ceiling
 inside was getting too  hot.

And all set to go. Bert also measured the overall height of
my bus... Just so I know when I am going under low bridges.
I'm 3.5 meters... So well under legal height and can safely
get under the rail bridge in Kaikoura on the road to the
Whaleway Station... It's 3.6meters!

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