Monday, 24 August 2015

One Hundred Plus Years Old!

 Do you know what this is?
If you're my age you probably will...
The younger generations might not!

 The side-on profile... Yes, some bellows.
They are 100+ years old. Red leather which I
polished with Beeswax... And the front is brass, the
back is wooden. They actually work, there are
no holes in the leather so they puff out a little
puff of air. Not very effective on my fire...
I could blow harder. Purely a collectors item and
given to me coz they seemed a perfect companion
for my Little Cracker...

 I have hung them on the wall behind the drivers seat.
I don't know yet if that's quite the right place for them...

But they add to the little collection of the old picture of marigolds
that belonged to my mother, I've had it re-framed... And the old
blue frame, given to me by a friend, that's been on many adventures
 and could tell a story or two... And the little red frame that was 
round something else and I painted it... With a picture of me at 
the beach... So I can remember what it's like when I'm not there!

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