Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Amberley Truck & Auto... A Grease And Other Things...

 This is where I've been today... Getting a grease and various things
like... The play in the steering adjusted, a brake check on the
rollers then the brakes adjusted, the clutch adjusted and  a return 
spring fitted, all lights and blinkers checked. 
I had booked in for a grease but all the other pre-Cof things
got looked at as well... Nothing was a bother and
the price was extremely reasonable.
I highly recommend stopping here... Talk to Tony.
He also made me a list of things he will look at next time...
In another six months when I get my annual service.
I'll definitely be back.
 I was the only 'small' vehicle tucked in beside these giants.

It was a freezing cold day, six degrees and I didn't light my
fire, anticipating I would be in the workshop.
Most of the time my door was wide open and
keeping warm was an issue. But all worth it... The
work was finished and Tony suggested I get a Cof
through him, mobile VTNZ visit on a Tuesday... But it was
Wednesday and VTNZ were in Culverden.. But 'no worries'
Tony phoned them and they called in on their way back to
Christchurch. Fifteen minutes later and a new wiper blade
 and I had a new Cof...
On the road again for the next six months.
Look here for location and contact details.

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