Monday, 11 February 2013

Coca Cola's New Campaign For 'Health'...


I guess we all have things that we get 'hot under the collar' about.
One of mine is the quality of the food we eat...
And the false advertising and marketing around it...
Trying to make us believe it's all right...
But increasingly it's not.

I receive emails from a web site...
Dr Mercola...

A lot of it I skim through... Other articles
grab my attention and I read and research them.
This article about Coca Cola makes me SO mad.

Luckily I don't like Coke or Mc Donalds food
or fast food takeaways.

From this same web site today I read about
the high percentage of contaminated horse meat in
processed meat in the USA
and how the USA is also making 'pork' from
the otherwise unusable innards of pigs and the
same glue that is used in making gym shoes...
And putting it in processed meats.

Another article I have just read is about the huge company
Monsanto developing a modified strain of Soya Bean
that doesn't need hydrogenating to stabilise it...
So they can use it in products like margarine and
call it healthy... What a dangerous hoax.

 Do visit this site and read more.
What are your 'pet' hates?
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