Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Rawene... And the Boatshed Cafe

From Kohukohu we got the ferry across the Hokianga Harbour to Rawene

And made our way in the wild wind to the Boatshed Cafe.
We had been here before so looked forward to lunch with anticipation
The cafe has changed hands...
We were totally underwhelmed with the overpriced
food and wine selection...
Even tap water was 50c a glass!
When I asked what on their menu was guten free
I was very rudely told... Eggs are gluten free...
Well I know that!
I had a smoked chicken and mango salad that was
served with crispy noodles.
I asked for no noodles and instead 2 pieces of gluten free toast.
There was no discount for no noodles and an added charge
of $2 for the toast.
I had a glass of Pinot Gris - $9 for a small glass half filled.
There was a $2 surcharge for using a credit card...
My bill was $31.
My friend, Carolyn, had a small piece of tomato and basil
tart with a small side salad... $18.50... And the same wine.

Enjoying my wine despite the price...

It's positioned on piles over the water.
With an outside deck that looks over the harbour
but it was far too windy to sit out there...
And we won't be going there again...
The pub in Kohukohu is far better...
Food, service and value.


It's a shame as it's a cafe with character and some art displays
I do hope they realise soon that they are not in Auckland
and those prices and the rude service are not acceptable.

Old wharves...

Old historical buildings...

The old 'Ferry House' building... We got the impression
it's being restored...

Another unusual building... The art gallery it houses was closed.
As was another new gallery/2nd hand shop.

All in all... We thought Rawene has become a rather run down
place... The only interesting thing we did was the Mangrove walk...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Angela ,
    After reading your profile ,I have to say that I really like your outlook on life and admire the way you are living your dream . . . good on you !l
    However your very negative remarks about Rawene and Boatshed Cafe are quite upsetting .
    The Cafe has not changed hands and we are the same people who started it 18 years ago.
    We are all very sorry that you felt that the staff were rude to you .
    The person serving you would have said ' the eggs can be gluten free ' , meaning that eggs can be served with gluten free toast rather than the usual bagel .
    One of your photos shows the self service water station where a sign asks for a 50 cent donation for local voluntary organisations and on the bricks to the left are photos and letters from them saying thanks .
    Our wine measure is 150ml and the Pinot Gris you mention is from Marsden Estate and one of the best in the country . It retails for $29 a bottle .
    We do go to a lot of trouble to source good quality fresh produce for our meals and everything is carefully costed . I cannot see any reason why it would be possible for our meals to be 'cheaper than in Auckland '
    Again l offer our apologies that you did not enjoy your visit to Rawene and invite you back in hope that you will see it in a better light .
    Kind Regards ,