Sunday, 3 February 2013

Herekino to Whangape Harbour... More Beautiful Far North Wilderness...

 From Owhata we went back towards Herekino then turned right into
Whangape Rd which took us to Whangape Harbour.
This is the west end where it runs into the sea.

 In the distance opposite is Pawerenga and the marae.
Around this small harbour are three little churches.
I don't know what denomination they are...
Whatever the early missionaries were that influenced these areas.
The hills behind are the Warawara Forest.

This is the middle of the harbour, another little church in the distance.

The north east end at the top of what we could see the harbour narrows
then joins with the Awaroa river.
It's not such a pretty  harbour as Owhata
but there are grassy areas where overnight stopping
would probably be acceptable.
 There is a house at the end of the road if you wanted to ask.

Very tidal, of course.
I think the fishing would be good... Flounder... Mullet...

Another little church in the distance...

And close up with a zoom lens...

And the third little church... On the hill...

Another beautiful isolated spot.


  1. Replies
    1. Great spot Angela, and you are right about the Flounder, also if you talk to the owner of that property at the end of the road and he will welcome you and probably invite you to walk over his property towards the sea, as he did to us.

  2. "It's not such a pretty harbour as Owhata" I like that comment lol.... I come from Owhata. Interesting blog, but might I just make a correction you have on Owhata......The huge 'P' Bust that was all over the news & that caused an enormous rift through the community was actually in Whangape NOT Owhata & Iv never known campers/tourists/sightseers etc to Owhata ever being ripped off, stolen from, that would happen in Herekino.

  3. Hi Shelley
    Thank you for your comment and corrections. It's very interesting to know what is correct and what is hearsay.
    Also good to hear that Owhata is a safe place as I would like to come back with my bus and park for a few days.