Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rawene... Mangrove Boardwalk

Although it was a very windy day it was sheltered
walking amongst the Mangroves

It's a well built walkway and lots of interesting information
about the history of the area and the  mangroves.


There is very good signage...
Despite it having been destroyed a couple of times
it has been replaced.

Remains of the old mill that covered a large area.
It was very smelly here so I was interested to read that
it is sulphur dioxide from the remains of the old rotting wood from the mill
buried in the thick muddy ooze.

The area above was all used by the mill.

We didn't see any Banded Rails but did see 100's
of tiny black crabs as they scuttled at lightening speed
into their holes in the mud as they heard us coming.

  To read about the mangroves was interesting...
The 'Avicennia Marina' is the only variety in New Zealand.
It's the most widespread mangrove species in the world,
extending from East Africa through to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.
This species reaches its southernmost extent
in the world at Raglan Harbour
on the west coast of the North island (37deg 48 S),
and at Ohiwa Harbour on the east coast (38deg 00 S),
along with Victoria, southeastern Australia (38deg 27 S).
Limited frost tolerances are thought to set this latitudinal limit.
In 1996-1997 it was estimated that approximately 22,500 hectares of
mangrove forests  may be present in New Zealand.

I was very interested to read this sign about how the mangroves have
adapted and survive in their particular environment.

It's low tide, it was a good time to view the various survival
systems. At high tide all the pneumataphores, roots and crabs
would be underwater.

They cover a large area...


At the end of the boardwalk it loops around.
There are seats to sit for a while...

This is where we saw these roots...
Suuporting large old trees.
It's well worth a wander round here. 
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  1. That's very interesting. We have been to Rawene and the ferry, but never really looked around the area itself. Would certainly like to do that walk! Perhaps next time.

  2. What a great boardwalk. Looks like an interesting place to visit sometime...