Thursday, 21 February 2013

Rangiputa... Tucked Out Of The Wind

The easterly wind blew up so it was time to
move from Tokerau Beach on Doubtless Bay.
The sand was flying and no fishing till
the next wind change... Sometime next week.

So I relocated to Rangiputa.
It's just across the other side of the same, Karikari Peninsula.
But it faces west, near the mouth of the Rangaunu Harbour.

There is a DoC area for freedom camping right on the point.
Every direction there is a beautiful beach.

Lots of rocks, so not so good for fishing from the shore.

This is the view out my door where I am parked.
This is the best part of the beach for swimming.

Across the other side of the harbour is
East Beach, accessed through Kaimaumau,
off SH 1.

The hill in the distance is Mt Camel.
It's at the head of Houhora Harbour.

There have been beautiful sunsets...

Each night so different.

I was given 3 large fish heads and frames to smoke...
This one is sitting on my oven tray to give you some idea of size.
They were caught from a boat out in the channel.

Being smoked...
Needless to say they were delicious for dinner...
I made fish cakes served with spicy plum sauce and salad.
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