Sunday, 17 March 2013

Parua Bay... Whangarei Harbour

I have been in Whangarei for a few days.
I am getting ready to park and leave my beloved house-bus
and go to Christchurch to visit my Dad again...
Then to Sydney to visit my daughter.
So... after spending all the summer weeks at various Far North  beaches
I desperately needed a good hair cut...
My favourite cutter is in Whangarei.
I also needed some prescriptions... Stuff to keep me young and beautiful!
I wandered round the town... Bought a pair of jeans...
The day I go to Christchurch the maximum temp is 15deg...
And I bought a pair of shorts... It was 27deg in Sydney last night...
So one extreme to the other.
My biggest find was the video hire shop, that I
pass on my walk into town from where I park at the Town Basin,
is having a closing down sale...
I totally indulged and in two visits there
bought about thirty DVD's... To last me all the winter!

I then went  to Parua Bay for a couple of days to escape the maddening city crowd...
And parked on the edge of the water...

Right here on the grass.

I was sitting outside one evening having a drink
and enjoying the sun and solitude...
When this little yacht buzzed past.
It grabbed my attention it was going so fast.

I don't know what sort of a yacht it is called...

It's very light. It has a very narrow hull and each side a netting
panel at a raised angle to the hull... You can see here.

The young lad was very quick and skilled...
He came zooming into the wharf and with a flick of the sail
was around and off in the other direction.

When it was travelling at speed the whole hull lifted out of the
water and underneath was what looked like a thin netting panel,
similar to the ones each side.
At speed the yacht sat on the bottom knife edge of this panel.
You might know what it is?
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