Monday, 4 March 2013

People I Meet On The Road... No 2... Super Tramp

This is Brandon Yelavich... Nickname 'Super Tramp'
who is attempting to circumnavigate New Zealand on foot.

I was parked at Utea Park at Huketere
halfway up Ninety Mile Beach,
when he wandered in off the beach one evening.
He had been dropped at Cape Reinga, or to give it its
correct name Te Rerenga Wairua,
and taken two days to walk to Huketere.
He had three Kahawai on his stick that
he had caught on the way. He found a dead stranded shark,
cut off some of the meat and used it for bait.

Because there is a total fire ban in the Far North...
The dilemma was how to cook it.
Utea Park does have a community kitchen...
But smoked Kahawai is the nicest...
So I obliged and smoked it in my enclosed gas BBQ.
It's all ready to go, he was good at filleting
and instead of cutting off the frame, left the it in the middle
but separated from both sides. 

Of course he was hungry... What 19 year old male isn't!
So it was smoked fish and Tuatua fritters for dinner...

with veges done on the BBQ...

As we ate I heard his story.
He was inspired by the movie 'Into The Wild'... The true story of
Christopher McCandless, who unfortunately ate some
poisonous berries and died - not this Super Tramp's plan.

He is raising money for Ronald McDonald...
Look on his Facebook page and the link
'Runing Round the Coast for Ronald McDonald.'
He only stayed one night... Eager to get on his way.
So here he is ready to go, foot gloves on his feet for walking.

I walked along the track a little way with him...
Waved goodbye...
And off he went.
Last I read on Facebook, he's reached Port Waikato...
Adventures galore on the way.
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