Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sea Week... Pingao Weaving

Last week in New Zealand was National Sea Week.
There were activities happening at most beaches and centres.
I was near Kaitaia so spent some time at the new Te Ahu Centre
where there was displays of art, book readings and what I particularly
wanted to see... Pingao weaving.

This is Sally... She was demonstrating Pingao weaving...
She made it look easy.

There were lots of photos... This one shows it being planted...

It grows in a wild state in the sand with runners that produce tufts
that grow into another Pingao clump.

Here volunteers are gathering the seeds.
More volunteers and school children have projects growing the seeds...

Which are then planted on the dunes.
It is a vital plant for dune ecology to stop erosion.

It is also used for weaving... It's a beautiful golden colour.
The Putiputi's are very popular in wedding bouquets and buttonholes.
This is the little 'how to' book I bought.

This is a finished Putiputi made by a first time weaver.
If she can do it, so can I...
I'm off back to the beach to look for some Pingao.
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  1. The new and tender shoots of the Pingao can also be eaten...