Sunday, 24 March 2013

Shopping... Addiction or Necessity... Or fun!

I've been shopping...
I did have a shopping list when I came to Christchurch...
Boots, merino jumpers so I can throw out my old
ones with holes in, some new 3/4 pants as I've
worn my old ones fishing... So!
There are no fashion shops in the Far North,
shopping is part of coming to Christchurch.
There is a good range of shops here...
Particularly in Riccarton Mall...
Well stocked for the winter...
And this season it's all about colour and fun.
I needed a new pair of boots.
I walk a lot and totally wore through the soles of last winter's boots.
I have been looking in Whangarei...
But wanted something different...
And here they are... Bought from 'Street Legal'.
I was in another shop 'Identity Fashions' one of my favourites...
And found this beautiful scarf...
It's the size of a lavalava so for summer and winter.
I wanted something to do while I am here...
Particularly in the evenings  as it's beginning to get
dark earlier and I don't like tv.
Knitting seemed the answer as I can carry it around
and stuff it in my pack.

 I met this lady at church this morning.
We had coffee together in the church cafe after the service...
And got talking... As one does.
She has designed a few patterns
and directed me to a particularly good wool shop...
And this is what I am going to knit.
The wool in the top picture is 60% Merino wool,
30% Possum fur and 10% Nylon.
It's a fine 8 ply produced and marketed by
Touch Yarns... For those interested in such things.
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  1. Beautiful boots! The knitting sounds a great idea, I wonder if I have the patience. Love the tunic idea.