Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Movies At Sumner

It was a fabulous sunny Saturday
and a friend and I decided to go for  a walk
at Sumner and then go to the movies.

There is a promenade from the
explored and climbed  Cave Rock...
(Which is still cordoned off since the 2010 earthquakes).
The well known landmark
at the mouth of the Avon-Heathcote Estuary.

Along the waterfront to...

The equally well known concrete and stone Scarborough Clock Tower
with its four faces donated to the then Borough of Sumner in 1934.
Which withstood the earthquakes with only minor damage
and has now been repaired.

There are huge rocks which attempt to stop the sea
encroaching and good waves
at this popular spot for surfers ....
Although the water temperature is cold...
Too cold for me, plenty of people
in wet suits were enjoying it.

Christchurch, like most of New Zealand is desperate
for rain... The Port Hills, always barren, were very thirsty,
dry and seemed even more desolate.

This hill behind the cinema
is harsh evidence of the chaos and damage the
2010 and 2011 earthquakes caused..
Once loved and lived in homes...
Empty and tetering...
Waiting for demolition or another quake.

The lovely Hollywood Theatre opened in 1938 as one cinema
 and now has three cinemas. It is the only suburban
cinema in Christchurch still standing and running after 70 years.

It has good selection of drinks, lollies and goodies.

And is privately owned by this couple
who have made a very good job of keeping
the theatre open and an excellent
selection of movies...
Despite being surrounded by quake damage.

We chose to go to 'Quartet', several
people had recommended it...

It has some favourite actors...
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
If you haven't seen it do go or get the DVD.

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