Sunday, 29 December 2013

Wai O Tapu... Sightseeing...

Even in my incapacitated and immobile state I am
getting out and about... When somebody takes me that is.
My friend Mel who came to stay from Christchurch, took
me out several times. This is the first place we went to but
much to our surprise it isn't wheelchair friendly. It's a top tourist
destination... But not for wheelchairs.


This is the Lady Knox Geyser. It erupts every day at
10.15am. There were 100's of people gathered to
watch it.

It gushes 20 meters into the air.
I was intrigued how it happened at such a precise time
but found out it is manipulated by pouring a soap substance
down the geyser outlet which changes the structure of
the layer of cold water that sits over the boiling water
underneath. This allows the hot water to force its way
upwards to erupt with 1000's of litres of hot water
and steam gushing in a spectacular fountain.

We then attempted to walk round the 'red' track on the map
but after a short distance found it impossible and I was
returned... With some pushing help from willing strangers...
Back to the cafe and shop while Mel walked the 3.5km track to
see all the sights. This is the 'Devils Home' where under-
ground acid action has caused the ground to collapse.
(My healing leg does not like the sun, it burns
intensely so needs to be covered up)

The rough sides of the crater and yellow/greenish colours are
where cooling volcanic vapours have coloured the walls.

Steam rising from a boiling stream.

The vapours from the hot water contain silica which
causes the white colour of all the surrounding area.

The whole area although interesting and
spectacular  looks desolate.
I only saw a small area but would like
to return when I can walk again.

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